2M RES 19 January 2020

It was very cold with a bit of breeze, but we went ahead anyway. 4 decided to fly and from the first flights it was obvious that at ground level it was calm, but at the top of the bungee it was very breezy with models starting off going backwards until a bit of down trim was added to allow them to penetrate. Landing was also problematic as once below tree height the iar was exceptionally turbulent and landings had to made fast. We struggled on through the first two rounds, Sam & Paul making best use of what little lift there was. Tim and Bill were bringing up the rear. In round 3, Tim launched and got caught out a bit by the breeze, the wings of the model were describing an alarming angle and as soon as he came off the bungee it was obvious he had no control with the model coming in hard and sustaining quite a bit of (repairable) damage. Checking the model over we realised there were no control surfaces on his ruddervators! These had obviously been ripped off in the fierce climb and explained the lack of control. We had intended to run 5 rounds, but as a result of Tim’s crash and a stiffening wind, we called it at just the 3.

Results below: Congratulations Sam