100S Boyce 31 July 2022

Area Open Thermal 17 July 2022

2m E Soarer 10 July 

Open Electric 8 May 2022

2m E soarer 10 April



100S Boyce Cup


Area Open Thermal Champs

2m E-Soar Plate


100S Cup: 27 June 2021



Area Open E-Soaring Championships: 20 June 2021


2m PuRES 13 June 2021


2m E-Soaring June 6 2021

PuRES May 5 2021

Open Electric Thermal 2 May 2021



100S Cup 11 Oct 2020

Club Open Electric Thermal Event 27 September 2020

Club 2m Electric Championship 20 September 2020


Fly Off

Club Open Thermal Championship 6 September 2020


Fly Off

2m PuRES 30 August 2020

100S Boyce Cup 16 August 2020


Fly Off

2m RES 09 August 2020

Area Open Electric Thermal Championsip 2 August 2020



Rounds Score

Fly Off

fly off


Area Open Thermal Championships 19 July 2020

2m RES 12 July 2020

Club Open Thermal 20 Oct 2019

100S Cup 13 Oct 2019

2m Electric for Plate 22 Sept 2019

100S Boyce Trophy 8 Sept 2019

Area e-Soaring Champs 25 Aug 2019

Area Open Thermal Champs 4 Aug 2019


Area Electric Soaring Championships 22 Sept 2018


Fly Off


Open & 2M Electric 5 Aug 2018

Open Thermal

2M Electric

Area Open Thermal Champs 2018


Fly Off


Open & Electric 1 July 2018

Open Thermal

Open Electric

Open & Electric 24 June 2018

Open Thermal

2M Electric

100S Cup 13 May 2017


Fly Off:


E-Soar at CCMFC 29 April 2018

Open Thermal & Electric 25 March 2018

Great turnout for first “event” of the year. 5 in thermal (Richard had to drop out with radio issues) and 6 in electric. Close flying with weird lift which we think might be wave off the turbine. No damage and all had fun. Paul Freeman has taken over as CD and is running a tight ship. No more messing around not ready or waiting for better conditions. He’s operating a 10 minute working time for an 8 minute flight and it’s your problem if you’re not ready to go. Be Warned! Have your model checked and ready at home before coming to the field

Open Thermal Result:

Open E-Soaring Result:

Latest standings in the Winter Electric Series: As we weer unable to complete all 3 rds, Keith wins as a result of his win in Rd 1



      Keith won with his (new to him) Pike Perfection