2m PuRES Thermal 13 June 2021

Forecast was very much borderline but still 7 pilots turned out to fly. With some quite severe gusts coming through you had to judge the best point at which to launch. CD Paul Freeman called for 4 rounds of 8 mins with 20 bonus points for landing within a 15m radius circle.

Flying was more akin to kiting with most trying simply to hold into wind and surf back and forth, avoiding complete turns wherever possible as you very quickly got blown downwind if you got it wrong!

In Rd1 Paul outflew everyone else opening up a reasonable gap straight away. Rd2 saw Tim & Sam push Paul a little harder but he still did enough to take the round.

Rd3 Saw Tommy decimate the rest of the field to push himself up the results sheet.

Conditions had been getting worse so CD Paul queried if we wanted to fly the 4th round and unanimously we all said NO!

A close fight within the top 3 with Sam not too far behind

The 2m RES class has proven to be an excellent event with just about everyone being competitive and fast and simple to run.