2m E-Soaring 6 June 2021

For various reasons we were well down on numbers for this event and the forecast didn’t look overly promising. Still 4 people turned out to fly. The sky was all over the place, with blue skies intersperesed with fast growing cloud. Lift was small and patchy but the sink was epic!

I’ll apologies for the lack of pictures in advance (kept forgetting to lift the camera!)

Competition was close with mistakes really making the difference between winnning & losing. David had issues with his model in Rd2 and had to fight hard to get the model down in one piece, making the sensible decision not to continue flying until he’d sorted the issues out, which with Sam’s assistance he did after the event, getting a good flight in to go home happier.

In Rd4, something I’d never seen before happened. Sam & Keith flying together scored EXACTLY the same flight time down to 1/1000th of a second!

A quick look over the times shows that the 19 points difference equates to a total of 12 seconds!