Club Open Electric Thermal Event 27 September 2020

6 flyers turned out to take part on a chilly September morning, which rapidly warmed up as the sun came through. There was an almost imperceptible NW breeze blowing which stayed fairly constant through the event until the final rounds when it suddenly shifted to ENE. At the start of the day the sky was almost flat with no indicators anywhere, as the sun started to heat things up some signs started to show, but lift was still hard to find and small. 

Keith was flying his big Xplorer and used it’s ability to range to good effect. David had his E-Bird of Time and once trimmed out was getting some excellent flights. The rest were a combination of E-PuRES, Radian Pro and an OD flown by Ricky. 

CD Paul Freeman set the event as 5 rounds (1 discard), 8 minute max. Bonus 20 points for landing within the 40m diameter circle within or on the 8 minutes, no bonus if over time. Top 2 to progress to a 2 rd, 2 man fly off for the Plate

Bill was having power issues and in all flights, timed out before reaching 150m. In Rd4 the model failed to respond after launch and piled in for a total loss. 

Paul had a couple of excellent flights to keep Keith honest and in at least 2 slots lost out on his landing bonus by overflying the time due to being so high he couldn’t get down in time, despite Sam shouting at him for it!

Sam was also pushing hard, but during the rounds, Keiths greater wingspan and ability to range led to him taking 4 out of 5 rounds.

This put Paul & Keith in to the 2 man fly off

In Rd 1 of the fly off in trying to stretch out his time Keith missed the landing bonus and with Paul landing shortly afterwards and getting the bonus. Keith took a slender lead (26 points) in to Rd2. Rd 2 was again a close run thing but with Paul eeking out a little more air time and again securing the landing bonus he took the competition.

Congratulations Paul!