E-RES & PuRES: 21 April 2024.

Mainly due to weather this was our first event of 2024 and was all very last minute as the weather improved for the weekend. This resulted in a low turnout with members on holiday and at other thins already arranged. 

Arriving at Mallusk at 1pm we found ourselves a space at the south end of main field. Weather was good. Clear skies and a light but fickle breeze. Paul called the first event of the day as E-RES. Only 3 had models to fly, but this didn’t stop it being a very competitive event. 5 rounds of 8 minutes with a landing spot were flown, allowing 1 discard. Paul won 3 of the rounds and put a distance on the rest with long flights. Tim & Tommy took a round each but Tommy had problems with his landings missing the spot in all but 1 round. As he was making his turn back into wind his model just seemed to drop rapidly. 

At the end of the event it was close between Paul & Tim, with Tommy in 3rd

With the wind having picked up a ‘little’ we swicthed to PuRES. Bills model did silly things on first launch and piled in heavily. The nose required digging out! The rest of the event went well and because it was getting on we only ran 3 rounds, no discard. Paul & Tommy pushed each other hard. Results below:

I took lots of pics as the camera was on burst mode and was going to go through them and cut them back a bit, but many showed good launch and landing sequences, so you’ve got them all!