Open Thermal Competition 4 June 2023

Forecast was for sunshine and very low winds and that’s exactly what we got. Sunglasses and suncream were de rigeur and the majority were in shorts and T Shirts.  

Paul set the event as 5 x 10 mins, allowing one discard, and a landing bonus was also in effect. Biggest  issue  on the day was the position of the sun, as with the wind direction we were launching directly in to it. This lead to a few early ‘pop offs’ as people lost the model in the sun and on Pauls third flight, he lost it in the sun and it came in fairly hard, fortunately the damage was limited and the model will fly again very soon.

The sky was flat with not a cloud,or other lift indicator, to be seen, so people resorted to the tried and tested areas of the car parks, pavilion roof etc. Andrew was ranging much further out than most with his Tragi Cluster, but his best flight was working low level lift directly upwind of the winches for a number of turns to almost make the max.

Landing bonuses were few and far between with most people getting very close in some cases just a matter of millimetres out, but still not carrying enough momentum to get in to the circle.

After 5 very enjoyable rounds, the results were:

Congratulations Andrew