100S Cup – Sun 13 Oct 2019

Report from CD Paul Freeman:

The day started well but as I drove towards Mallusk some drops of rain fell, a harbinger of the day ahead.   I laid out the winches as drizzle set in and by the time all the models were assembled it was raining quite hard.  We took shelter at the pavilion to consider things.  After forty minutes the rain became a light drizzle so we set to,  launching into a brightish if dull sky.  Lift was not really in evidence and the best that we could find was ‘buoyant rain’ which enabled some extended flights.  After three rounds we were wet enough to call it a day,  no-one fancied five rounds and a fly off. Keith was a clear winner using his ultralight Pulsar.  Well done Keith. 

Results after 3 Rounds

Winner of 100S Cup: Keith Wilson