2022 Begins! 2m Electric 10 April 2022

First event of 2022, forecast wasn’t great and our CD was otherwise engaged, but we still 10 people turn up. With the cold and blustery conditions, 2 decided not to fly, their models being unflown before the event.

Bill was CD in Pauls absence and went for 4 rounds of 8 mins, 1 discard and no landing tape due to the very turbulent conditions low down.

Having moved to NI from Wales, this was Nigel Taylors first event with NIMSA and he proceeded to take the first round! Unfortunately things went downhill from there and he almost lost the model in Rd3 after retrimming between rounds and losing the models stability. He managed to get the model safely down, but landed outwith the field for a zero.

It was a day when simple was best and the Radians were outperforming the lighter built models as was Ronnies bitsa (Phoenix fuz & Radian wings).

Results as follows:

Thanks to Adrian McShane for the pics: