2m RES 29 Aug 2021

A good day for an event, but a little headwind would have made life a bit easier with the bungees and some sun would have generated a few thermals. Quite a few of us struggled to get to full height off the line due to the lack of any wind. We run this as a one design event, so everyone was flying a 2m PuRES from Hoellein in Germany. 6 of us turned out to fly and the task was set as 4 rounds (NO Discard) 8 mins per round and a 20 point landing bonus rounds 1 – 3 and 30 points in Rd 4.

The rounds were largely fairly short with 3 – 4 min being an average time. Only a few people managed to fly for even close to 8 mins and with a ‘dead spot’ in the back left hand corner there were a few missed landings as people got caught with a lack of speed and ended up short. 

Paul flew consistently throughout taking 3 of the 4 rounds and ending up a convincing winner.