Area Open Thermal Championships: 17 July 2022

With Tim & David away in England flying full size gliders, we were down to a smaller than usual entry of 7. This quickly whittled down to 5 after Rd 1 as Tommy managed to get blown in to the trees on approach and he and Sam spent most of the rest of the event retrieving it from the very top of the tree, (ladders are very useful!)

Comp was set as 4 of 8 Min rounds, NO discard and top 2 to fly off for the trophy. This was Nigels first flights off the winch and he found that it’s quite a steep learning curve, although by Rd 4 he was definitely getting the hang of it. There was lift, but it was quite hit and miss. As can be seen from the results, if you found it, it was possible to seriously hurt the other competitors scores and with no discards every flight counted.

After 2 rounds, the major surprise was Club Chairman, Bill Scott, sitting in second place! It wasn’t to last! Launching directly in to the sun in Rd3 and missing the lift completely in 4, dropped him back down to his more usual lower placings.

After the 4 rounds, Andrew & Keith were the top 2

In a close run fly off, Andrew managed to maintain his rounds form and narrowly beat Keith. All in all an excellent days flying and really good to get out again.