“Fun” PuRES Event 3/11/19

Despite an early forecast of high winds and heavy rain, the closer we got to the weekend the better the forecast became. On the day, we were welcomed to the flying site by clear skies, light winds & SUN! This despite at least 2 of our members driving through fog to get there.

As this was to be a “fun” competition, the CD took the decision to remove the overfly rules (no points loss for going past the time), but extended the flying time to 10 minutes.

Everyone started flying a PuRES model, but as a result of a prang in Rd 4, Andrew was allowed to fly his Fresh in the last 2 rounds. Competition was to be 5 rounds with 1 discard. Lift was hard to find in the early rounds and it was only in the latter rounds that people took advantage of the “no overfly” loss with Tim Burch recording a 23 minute flight in Rd 5!

All in all a great days flying and good to see Sam Phenix back out competing.